Your PIN Is No Longer Available in Windows 11? | 5 Way to Fix It

Fix 1. Sign in with Your Microsoft Account

The first and simplest fix to the error is to use your Microsoft account instead of the PIN to complete the sign-in process. Here’s how to do that:

Fix 2. Undo the Recent Changes from Advanced Options

If you find the “Windows 11 your PIN is no longer available” error just occurs after you installed the pending security updates, you can try undoing these changes from Advanced options. For that:

Fix 3. Perform a Startup Repair

In addition, the corrupted boot data can prevent your system from signing into the PIN you previously built. So, we recommend you perform a startup repair that can fix some common system issues.

Fix 4. Delete NGC Folder in Safe Mode

Sometimes the “your PIN is no longer available Windows 11” error could occur due to the conflicting data inside the NGC folder. It is used for storing information related to the sign-in options currently set up on your PC. The folder includes PIN, password, and other types of sign-in options.

Fix 5. Reset Your PC

If you still receive the “Windows 11 your PIN is no longer available” error after trying all the above solutions, you may consider resetting Windows 11 and keeping personal files. To do so, follow the steps below:


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