Your Connection to Matchmaking Servers Is Unreliable? [Fixed]

Fix 1. Restart Your Router and Flush DNS

The first and simplest Your connection to matchmaking servers is not reliable fix is to restart your router and flush the DNS cache. By doing so, all the temporary network glitches can be removed. Let’s have a try.

Fix 2. Run the Game as Administrator

Sometimes the Steam client also needs to access system files. If Steam doesn’t have administrator right, you may encounter some unexpected errors like “connection to matchmaking not reliable”. In this case, you can grant admin rights to Steam by following the guide below.

Fix 4. Verify the Integrity of Game Files

Another common reason for the “Your connection to the matchmaking servers is not reliable” error is corrupted or missing game files. So, we recommend you verify the integrity of game files using Steam. Here’s how:

Fix 5. Repair Steam Library Folders

Some users report that the “csgo your connection to matchmaking is not reliable” issue can be resolved by repairing Steam library folders. Here you may have a try.

Fix 6. Run Steamservice.exe

It’s well known that Steamservices.exe can deal with all install scripts like DirectX and Visual Studio redistributable. If you decline it from running in some cases, you may encounter the “connection to matchmaking not reliable” error. To fix it, you can run Steamservices.exe.

Fix 7. Switch to a Different User Account

If there is a bug with the account that you are using to play multiplayer games, you may also encounter the issue. To get the Your connection to matchmaking servers is not reliable fixed, you can try using a different account.

Fix 8. Add Steam as an Exception in Firewall or Antivirus

Antivirus programs or Windows Firewall sometimes can block Steam from accessing certain game files. To avoid this situation, you can follow the steps below to add Steam to the exceptions list of your antivirus program.


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