Why Does My Laptop Battery Drain So Fast? Fix It Now

Why Does My Laptop Battery Drain So Fast

Why is my laptops battery draining so fast? In most cases, the main reason is related to an old or discharged laptop battery. If you have used a laptop for a long time, then it’s very possible that the battery gets discharged. In addition, many other factors can trigger the Windows 10 draining battery issue. Here we summarize them as follows:

  • Too many external devices like fans, wireless mice, and keyboards are connected to your laptop, which consumes the power source of your battery.
  • A very bright laptop screen or other advanced options can drain the battery fast.
  • A change you made in the system settings can trigger the laptop battery draining fast issue as well.
  • Too many networks or other online connections can drain the battery.
  • The firmware on the laptop may get corrupted, resulting in a power failure.
  • Faulty drivers, improper power plan settings, and inserted disc drives can trigger the problem.

How to Fix Laptop Battery Draining Fast

According to the analysis of the reasons for “why is my laptops battery draining so fast”, we summarize several effective ways to fix the problem.

# 1. Close All Unnecessary Apps and Programs

If there are too many programs and applications running in the background, you may encounter the Windows 10 draining battery fast issue. In this case, you can close them in Task Manager by following the steps below:

# 2. Disconnect all Unnecessary Peripherals

Another important thing is to disconnect all the unnecessary peripherals such as external keyboard, USB drive, Bluetooth speakers, and wireless mouse. If your laptop is connected to multiple devices at the same time, it may trigger the battery draining fast problem.

# 3. Adjust Your Screen Brightness

As you know, the display is one of the major components that need enough power to work properly. If you set the brightness of your display too high, you may encounter the Windows 10 draining battery issue. So, we recommend you decrease the brightness.

# 4. Change the Power Settings

Sometimes a change in the power settings can trigger the battery draining problem as well. Now, follow the guide below to adjust the power setting of your system.

# 5. Adjust or Disable the Keyboard Backlight

Some high-end laptops may come with the backlight feature on the keyboard. It’s helpful to type in a dark environment, but it also consumes more power, causing the battery draining fast problem. If this scenario applies to you, use the keyboard shortcuts (such as Function + F5 key for HP) or other ways to adjust the backlight intensity of your keyboard.

# 6. Reduce the Number of Network Connections

In some cases, too many network connections can drain your laptop’s battery. So, you can try disconnecting the unnecessary network to mitigate the power usage. Open the Settings window and select Network & Internet, and click Change adapter options to check all active network connections. Then right-click the unwanted one and select Disconnect/Disable.

# 7. Eject Any Inserted Disc Drive

Some users reported that a CD/DVD connection is also responsible for the laptop battery draining fast issue. In this case, you may consider removing the disc drive from your laptop. To do so, right-click the disc drive and select Eject.

# 8. Replace Your Laptop Battery

If all the above methods fail to work and the laptop is used for many years, you may have to consider replacing the laptop battery. If your laptop is relatively new and still under warranty, contact the manufacturer or an expert to see if a new battery can be installed.


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