What Is Intel(r) Management Engine Components & Can I Remove It?

What Is Intel(r) Management Engine Components

If you are using an Intel laptop or laptop with Intel chipsets, then you may find the Intel Management Engine Components program. It is an embedded microcontroller — integrated on certain Intel chipsets — running a lightweight microkernel operating system. This program offers the Intel Management Engine Components Driver from the Intel processor-based computer systems.

  • Out of band (OOB) management services: It allows the tool to respond to OOB commands from the IT management console without having to wake up the rest of the system.
  • Capability Licensing Service (CLS): It enables the Windows OS to communicate with the Intel Management Engine directly via the HECI bus.
  • Anti-Theft (AT) Protection Technology: It can detect when the laptop is lost or stolen, and secure the sensitive data by preventing the OS from loading and blocking to access encrypted data.
  • Protected Audio Video Path (PAVP): It can ensure a secure content protection path for high-definition video sources like Blu-ray discs. Moreover, it can control the hardware-accelerated decoding of the encrypted video streams by the integrated graphics processor.

Should I Remove Intel Management Engine Components

Intel Management Engine Components do I need it? A lot of users are confused about this question. Since this package takes up too much disk space (about several hundred MBs), many users want to uninstall the program to free up their hard drive, like the following user from the answersmicrosoft.com forum.

How to Fix Intel(r) Management Engine Components Slowing Down Computer

Many users complain about the “Intel(r) Management Engine Components slowing down computer” issue on Windows 10. Here we summarize some simple methods to fix it.

# 1. Extend Your C/System Drive

As discussed above, the Intel(r) Management Engine Components slowing down computer issue mainly occurs due to the insufficient system disk space. Since uninstalling the program may cause unknown risks to the system, extending the C/system drive is one of the most effective ways to speed up your computer.

# 2. Disable the Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) in BIOS

Since the Intel Management Engine tool is an embedded program, it cannot be wiped completely off your system. So, you may consider disabling some components of the program to reduce unnecessary resource usage. Here you can try disabling the Intel AMT in the BIOS.

# 3. Disable the Intel(r) Management Engine Driver

If the Intel R Management Engine Components slowing down computer issue persists, you may consider disabling the Intel Management Engine driver. Let’s have a try.

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