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A great many users are searching for a free Microsoft Office 2016 product key to activate their Office apps. Now, this post of MiniTool provides a list of free Office 2016 product keys. It also introduces other important information related to the Office 2016 key.

Microsoft Office 2016 came in 2015 and the main support for the version ended in 2020, but the extended support will continue until October 14, 2025. This suite offers many practical apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Publisher. However, lots of people don’t know how to use the Office 2016 product key.

The product key is a 25-character code that can be used to verify and activate your Office apps. If you don’t the product key or forgot it, you can’t use the Office apps you’ve installed. Is there a free Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 product key? Let’s keep reading.

Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key in 2022

As you might know, Microsoft Office 2016 comes with 5 editions: Home & Student, Home & Business, Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus. Thus, here we will introduce the free MS Office 2016 product keys according to different editions.

# 1. Latest Free Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key 2022

First of all, you can try the latest free Microsoft 2016 product keys in 2022 to activate your Office apps. These product keys are the most commonly used ones and have been proven by many people to be useful.

  • DR92N-9HTF2–97XKM-XW2WJ-XW3J6
  • YG9NW-3K39V-2T3HJ-93F3Q-G83KT
  • 7WHWN-4T7MP-G96JF-G33KR-W8GF4
  • 869NQ-FJ69K-466HW-QYCP2-DDBV6
  • C2FG9-N6J68-H8BTJ-BW3QX-RM3B3

# 2. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 Product Key

If you want to activate the Office 2016 Pro Plus version, you can try the following list of Microsoft Office Professional 2016 product keys.

  • 8N3WG-8BHQY-M3TKJ-2X27G-9KX7C
  • Y89NG-BWMGT-KJPT3-B326G-683VC
  • 93N8W-W8HD8-R7M7R-K8WFY-3GPQD
  • CGW9N-DR7K6–636BK-C8VJ7-BDW3D

# 3. Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key Standard

For MS Office 2016 Standard/Standard VL version, you can try the following several Microsoft 2016 product keys.

  • 3CYPN-BD9F2–6CJM4–7XBP9–8QKY2
  • 3MTDN-7T39B-MTFGH-37763-GF4JC
  • 7BRNY-W78MV-7948X-6GYTC-GQ78C

# 4. Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key Home Student

If you were a Home Student user, you can try the MS Office 2016 product keys below to activate the suite.


# 5. Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key Home Business

For a Home Business version, here is a list of free Office 2016 keys.

  • YQ82T-2N8TH-FM4GF-G2T7Y-B4G7X

Where to Find Office 2016 Product Key

Sometimes you may need to reinstall Office due to an OS reinstallation or PC upgrade. Where to find product key Office 2016? If you purchased MS Office 2016 but forgot the product key accidentally, then the best way to Office activation is to find the Office product key by yourself.

Usually, you can find the Office product key via the Email receipt, older history link, Command Prompt, PowerShell, Microsoft account, Registry Editor, etc. To know more details, you can refer to this guide.

How to Activate MS Office 2016 Using the Product Key

With the MS Office 2016 product keys we explained above, you can try activating the Office apps. How to do that? Here’s a simple guide:


Alternatively, you can visit the Office setup site, create a new account, enter the Office 2016 activation key, and follow the on-screen instructions to download/install the suite.

Step 1. Download and install Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus or other versions on your PC.

Step 2. Disconnect your computer from the Internet connection.

Step 3. Enter Microsoft Office Professional 2016 product key and activate it. Once activated, you should see the Product Activated message.

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