Lost Ark Not Downloading Steam: Why & How to Fix It? [Answered]

About Lost Ark on Steam

Before you start fixing the Lost Ark not downloading Steam issue, it’s necessary to know the basic information about this game. Lost Ark is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing (MMORP) video game released for Microsoft Windows.

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 / AMD® Ryzen™ 3
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 460
  • Hard drive: At least 50 GB of available space
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Others: Provide in-game purchases

Why Lost Ark Won’t Download on Steam

Since its release, this game has attracted a large number of players. However, various errors and issues like Lost Ark stuttering, laggings, frame drops, and the one discussed in this post. When Lost Ark won’t download on Steam, many users receive the message “An error occurred while installing Lost Ark (missing file privileges)” or “An error occurred while installing Lost Ark (corrupted disk)”.

# 1. Restart the Steam Client

The first and simplest workaround for the “Lost Ark download not working” error is to completely restart your Steam client. By doing so, all the temporary glitches and bugs can be cleared.

# 2. Run Steam as an Administrator

Steam is a powerful game library that manages thousands of games. Certain games require an elevated privilege to run. If you are not running Steam as an administrator, you may encounter the Lost Ark not downloading Steam issue.

# 3. Clear the Steam Download Cache

Sometimes the piled-up download cache may get corrupted, causing various issues and errors like the Lost Ark not downloading on Steam. So, we recommend you clear the download cache on Steam to see if it works.

# 4. Repair the Steam Library Folder

If the Steam Library folder gets corrupted or broken, Lost Ark won’t download too. In this case, you can follow the steps below to repair the Steam library folder.

# 5. Download the Game via an Unlimited VPN

As discussed above, Lost Ark is now available for certain countries and regions. If you are out of the supported regions physically, you need to download the game via an unlimited or using another Steam account that’s supported by the regions. Here’s a true example from the Reddit community:

  1. Click on Join Steam and input the required information according to the on-screen prompts. Don’t forget to set the Country of Residence as the United States.

# 6. Download the Game via Another Steam Account

If you have a friend who has a Steam account in the US or other supported regions, then you are lucky. You can download the game from that account. Here’s how to do that:

# 7. Check the Available Disk Space

If the Steam not downloading Lost Ark issue persists after trying all the above methods, then your hard drive may be blamed for it. So, you should check if there is insufficient hard disk space. To figure it out, you can navigate to Settings > System > Storage to view the available disk space. If it’s less than 50 GB, you may encounter the issue.

# 8. Check the Hard Disk Errors

Some users reported that a corrupted hard disk is also responsible for Lost Ark not downloading on Steam. So, we highly recommend you check hard drive errors using CHKDSK. Alternatively, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard to check disk errors quickly. Its Check File System feature can repair logical errors and the Surface Test feature can detect bad sectors on the drive.

What’s Your Opinion

This post mainly focuses on how to fix the “Lost Ark download not working Steam” issue. You can try the above 8 ways in order until the problem gets solved. If you have better solutions or suggestions, write them down in the comment area. Also, you can send us an email to [email protected] when you have difficulty using the MiniTool software.

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