Java Was Started but Returned Exit Code=13 in Eclipse? [Fixed]

Possible Causes of the “Java Was Started by Returned Exit Code=13” Error

  • Incompatible Java version and Eclipse version: Both Java and Eclipse come in two versions of bit configurations: 32-bit or 64-bit. If you are using the 64-bit version of Java and 32-bit version of Eclipse or vice versa, you will get the “Eclipse Java was started by returned exit code=13” version.
  • Mistakes in Eclipse.ini file configuration: Sometimes you may make a mistake when configuring the Eclipse.ini file, which can trigger the error too.
  • Incorrect Java Environment Path variable: If the Java Environment path variable is set improperly, you may encounter the “Eclipse Java was started but returned exit code=13” error.
  • Unsupported or wrong version of Java Virtual Machine (JVM): If you are using an unsupported JVM version with the latest Eclipse version, it can cause incompatibility issues with Java JDK 1.8 and higher versions.
  • Special characters in the Eclipse installation directory: If some special characters like “# and @” are added to the Eclipse installation, you may encounter the “Java was started by returned exit code=13 Eclipse mars” error.

How to Fix the “Java Was Started but Returned Exit Code=13” Error

#1. Make Sure to Use Compatible Java and Eclipse Version

  1. 32-bit OS, 32-bit JDK, 32-bit Eclipse (32-bit only)
  2. 64-bit OS, 64-bit JDK, 64-bit Eclipse (64-bit only)
  3. 64-bit OS, 32-bit JDK, 32-bit Eclipse

#2. Reconfigure the File

#3. Remove Special Charters from the Eclipse Installation Directory

#4. Remove Incorrect Environment Path Variable

#5. Clean Install Java JDK

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