HP BIOS Recovery | How to Recover BIOS on HP Notebook/Desktop PCs

About HP BIOS Recovery

What Is a BIOS Recovery

When Need to Perform an HP BIOS Recovery

  • The system cannot start normally, the computer beeps 2 times, or the Caps lock or Num lock keys blink.
  • Some BIOS-related errors or issues occur such as HP BIOS update failed, Boot Guard verified failed, BIOS corruption failure HP, BIOS application error 501, etc.
  • Your computer is stuck on a black or blank screen when powered on.
  • When your computer is powered on, the internal fan starts running but the display is still blank and Windows doesn’t start.

How to Recover BIOS on HP Notebook/Desktop PCs

# 1. BIOS Recovery HP via a Key Combination

  • Repeat the above steps but press the Win + V keys instead. If it is still not displayed, your computer may not support the HP BIOS update and recovery utility or there is an issue with your hard drive.
  • If the power light is turned off, it may indicate that the Power button was held too long. In this case, you can repeat the above steps but make sure to hold the Power button for only 2 to 3
  • If the computer shuts down suddenly and displays a boot issue, you can follow the on-screen instructions to resolve it.
  • If the BIOS recovery message is repeatedly displayed, you can try recovering the BIOS via a USB recovery drive.

# 2. BIOS Recovery HP via a USB Drive

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