Do Games Still Download When the Xbox Is Off? [Answered]

Does Games Download When Xbox One Is Off

When you got a new Xbox console, you need to install games to play. However, you may have learned about Xbox One downloading games while off. Do games still download when the Xbox is off? Of course, the answer is “Yes”. To do so, you need to set your Xbox One to allow downloads when not in use.

How to Make Xbox Download When Off

How to download games when Xbox is off? Here we provide corresponding guides according to different console versions, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox Series X/S. Let’s start trying.

# 1. Download Games When Xbox One Is Off

First of all, we will show you how to set Xbox One to download while off.

# 2. Download Games When Xbox 360 Is Off

If you are using an Xbox 360 console, then you can refer to the following guide to keep downloading when it is off.

# 3. Download Games When Xbox Series X/S Is Off

For Xbox Series X/S consoles, you can refer to the following steps.

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